Nov 8, 2013

Winter Tea {Amy}

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE tea. And one of the great things about winter is there's a whole different set of tea waiting to be drank!

Here's what I drink when the weather starts to dip.

 I love trying out new winter tea. The "holiday" specialty teas are always so much fun to experiment with and they often come in these fun tins! Harney & Sons Fine Teas Holiday blend (from Target) and Winter Dream Tea( from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) are the two tins I've gotten for this year so far. They're very similar in flavor, but the winter dream leans a little in the bubble gum direction, so I'm not sure I'd be quick to suggest it.

 And in lieu of the ubiquitous Hot Cocoa, I go for chocolate Tea. I stick with Cocoa Mint Mate (From Tazo)   & Guayusa with Chocolate (from Stash). The Cocoa Mint is like an Andes mint in liquid form, and the guayusa is just plain chocolaty!
And of course, there’s nothing quite like a spicy chai on a cold morning (or evening). The Chai Green Tea (from Stash) is the spiciest of the four, I think the green tea part of it brightens up the background flavor and makes the spices more pronounced. The Chai Black tea (from Fresh & Easy) and the Chai White Tea (from Stash) are both lovely and a bit milder than the chai green. They are a bit heavy on the licorice flavor, so you might want to tread carefully if you’re not a fan of anise. The Golden Chai (from Numi) is new to me this winter (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme), but it’s just as wonderful as the others and is no doubt going to be a staple in the tea rounds!

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