Jun 16, 2014

Absens Makes the Heart Grow.... {Amy}

I tried to think up a clever title for this and totally failed.

So, we've been gone a bunch. With the exception of wedding posts, we've been awol a lot. But that should be changing here soon. No more head in the clouds, back to serious business!
Allie's been busy with work and all the extra hours her job demands, I've been recovering from the wedding and working on publishing books. But we're both going to work toward getting more focused and hopefully over the next several weeks that means we'll hit our stride, figure out a schedule and be on top of all the things.

Jun 4, 2014

Amy's Wedding: Magpie DIY: Ceremony Backdrop

So, when we talked about a backdrop idea for the wedding, we knew we had a brick wall... but we wanted to add just a little bit more, and so we decided to make a backdrop.
We made the trek to my  favorite art store and bought a 15ft length of primed, un-framed canvas, six bottles of spray paint and took them over to Earl's mom;s house and promptly draped the canvas over the back of his 1961 Cadillac.
 And then we got busy.
Mostly, we covered the expanse in black and dark grey spray paint and then we did some splattering with the red, black, chrome, white... and so on.
Then we used some stencils to inscribe the first line of the chorus by a band we love (The Queers), it was a sentiment we both felt was correct for the occasion - Fuck the world I'm hanging out with you tonight.

And, I think it worked out perfectly!

Don't you?

Jun 3, 2014

Amy's Wedding: Record Guest Book

When Earl and I talked about what we wanted to do for a guest book, we knew we didn't want to do a weird little book that would wind up in a box somewhere for years to come. We wanted something we could hang on our wall or use on a daily basis. And after searching through offbeat wedding sites and copious other forums, we decided that it made sense to use records.

Once we had that decided, we went in search of the right records. We knew we'd need more than one... and as luck would have it, a record with a HUGE amount of meaning to us was a set of two!
A Search for Former Clarity by Against Me! was one of the albums we listened to a lot when we first got together. (song name) was what played immediately after the ceremony. And we always love things that allow us to incorporate the number 13 (Earl's mom's lucky number.)

 Also,  please appreciate Jenna's AMAZING Dress (and those heels!) She looked fabulous!
And now we get to the not-Galaxie Images (I apologize)....
We took the records to a Michael's when they were having a HUGE framing sale and walked out with this...

 And now it's on our wall in the worst possible place for lighting......

Anyway, it's huge and I love it and I totally recommend doing the alternative guest book.