Jun 4, 2014

Amy's Wedding: Magpie DIY: Ceremony Backdrop

So, when we talked about a backdrop idea for the wedding, we knew we had a brick wall... but we wanted to add just a little bit more, and so we decided to make a backdrop.
We made the trek to my  favorite art store and bought a 15ft length of primed, un-framed canvas, six bottles of spray paint and took them over to Earl's mom;s house and promptly draped the canvas over the back of his 1961 Cadillac.
 And then we got busy.
Mostly, we covered the expanse in black and dark grey spray paint and then we did some splattering with the red, black, chrome, white... and so on.
Then we used some stencils to inscribe the first line of the chorus by a band we love (The Queers), it was a sentiment we both felt was correct for the occasion - Fuck the world I'm hanging out with you tonight.

And, I think it worked out perfectly!

Don't you?

1 comment:

  1. I LOOOOVED your backdrop. And I feel like I'm usually not this petty, but I was tickled that we were the first of the friends to see it! I love how much meaning it has for you guys and that you made it together. Perfect.