Jan 8, 2015

Happiness in Haircolors

Over the years, Allison and I have gone through several different hair colors.

First, let's talk about where we started.

Weren't we adorable? (Allie's dressed for normal Oregon Coast weather and... whoever dressed me as an angel/fairy/princess had no idea what I'd grow up to be.)

Allison has always had a beautiful mix of color that was mostly blonde and I've always had dark brown hair.

But because we live in a world where hair colors are changeable, these are not the only colors we've had!

Allie - 

As I started this blog post, I realized that I've only ever been around Allie as a blonde. We were in (different physical) places every time she decided to move away from her (admittedly beautiful) natural color.

While Allie is a gorgeous blonde, she'd done a brilliant flaming red in homage to her grandmother who's natural hair color was as vibrant as they come!

However, her part as Jo March in the EOU production of Little women forced her to dye her hair brown to match. 

She played with brown a few times after, with a pixie and some fun highlights too!

Amy - 

So for the most part, I've spent the vast majority of my life in some variation of brown, from copper to black brown, to what I'm at now (basically the picture that has the least of my face in it)

But I had the crazy notion to go red in 2012... and I LOVED it. (You can see in the bottom small picture that the color lasted well enough for me to get a rather unfortunate amount of grow out)

I don't really know why I dyed it back? But I did go back to a dark brown (Actually, I think the picture in the bottom left corner of the browns - purple shirt - was post red).

And then I decided I wanted to go Silver! And I did... for all of 3 days. And Blonde isn't the best look on me, so I tried again, and it just wasn't going to work, so I had to live with the blonde, blown out hair.

The second to last picture is me CRAZY happy because I got do do a dark wash on my hair the next day. The result was not the best thing ever, but it was better than nothing.

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