May 28, 2014

A Letter to My Girls: Katie

Dear Katie, 

We met in middle school, that time of turmoil, tie-dye and tribulation. Let’s face it, lots of that was not pretty, but we made it through! And we’re still friends. WE survived MHS Choir and general shenanigans, and over the years, we’ve managed to stick together. I’m willing to guess it’s because of our mutual weirdness that the distance hasn’t been a burden that’s pulled us apart.

You’re the first to make me laugh, the one who makes me smile even when the situation might make otherwise have me in tears, and always the best bet for an amazing story. I’ve had hard times in the past and I can’t imagine getting through them without you. You are so amazing, and I’m lucky to have had you as my friend for so long.

Some days I smile just because your name is there in my chat window – even if we don’t have the time to talk. It’s that presence you have that is why everyone I’ve ever met who knows you loves you.

Asking you to be a bridesmaid was a no-brainer. I couldn’t imagine the wedding without you, and I’m so happy you were here for everything we had in store.

A world where you are not my friend, is a world in which the skies would be forever gray.

- Amy

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  1. You're so sweet! I was very happy to be a part of your wedding, and I love our capacity to have a long distance relationship as well :)