May 5, 2014

Amy's Wedding: Girl's Getting Prettier (because we were gorgeous to begin with)

There is a place in Phoenix I go quite often. It's a darling little salon smooshed in between a Pita Jungle and a Lola Coffee on Roosevelt. Salon Ro5 is where I get my unruly hair dealt with, and over the last year, I've become friends with the owners. So, when it came time to decide about getting ready before the wedding, I there was no place else I thought of.

The girls and I carted our things over to the salon where we primped, and drank champagne, and laughed and did all manner of things as the wonderful stylists and makeup artists worked their magic.
Katie and Natalie were the life of that morning's particular party. ( I seriously love these girls more than I'd ever imagined possible)
 The mom's got in on the beautifying too (Earl's mom not pictured)
I'm so thankful to have met Mark and Noah, They are two wonderful men who make me smile at the mere mention of their names.

Salon Ro 5's Website
Images by Galaxie Andrews
The Girls Robes can be found here

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