May 14, 2014

Amy's Wedding: Us in our Finery

So, one thing I knew right off the bat was that I wasn't going to be wearing white. I've always hated that convention, personally. I think it stems from my irritation with people telling me what to do when they have no business doing it.
I knew I was going to wear something I was comfortable in, and something, that with alterations, I could conceivably wear again. And I am most comfortable in black. So I went in search of a black wedding dress that didn't make me feel like I was chasing the rabbit down the goth hole.

I feel like I accomplished that.
I'm not going to tell you where it came from though, because the dress pictured is not actually the dress I purchased, and while I'm happy with how it worked out, I am not going to send business their way because of the fact they handled sending me said wrong dress rather poorly.
Earl wavered between what he and the guy's ended up with and the Reservoir Dogs look.  In the end, I think he really just didn't want to have to keep track of a suit jacket.
And he really loves any opportunity to pick me up.

(This is one of my favorite shots from the night!)

Crown: Xappaland  (It also comes in gold)
Earrings: Bodyartforms
Necklace: The Jovilynne collection
Bracelet: From my lovely sister
Dress: Etsy
Shoes: Modcloth

Hat, Shirt, & Trousers: Khols
Vest & Bow tie: Men's Warehouse
Shoes: Converse

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