Jan 8, 2014

Amy's Wedding Update #1

Guys… planning a wedding is no walk in the park. Doing it basically alone… is not something I would ever recommend. Luckily Earl has committed to his list of to-dos, and MoH Natalie is a constant help (albeit from afar).

Now that Christmas is over, my focus has zeroed in on wedding stuff. And I am not sure how I’m possibly going to get it done!

I’ve got SOOOOO much to do! I’ve got lists, and they don’t seem to be getting any smaller :/

I’m trying my best to keep myself on schedule, and I’m focusing on getting my ducks in a row – also my bottles. And for the most part, I think I’m going to get everything done on time. I hope.

This week I’ve got decor stuff to work on, I have to draft up a revised ceremony and reception timeline, and I have to address a ton of envelopes! (also, I have to figure out clean up….)

So… yeah! Lots to do!

We’re three months away from the wedding and I’m officially feeling the strain! But I’m not stressed about it (yet). The good news is: we’re close enough, I’m finally getting excited!

And, we’ve almost got enough of the main part of the centerpieces, just have to collect the smaller additions. And I’ve got stacks of flowers ready and waiting to be curled and glued.

My dress has been ordered, and two of my girls already have theirs. Earl has figured out his kit – and what his guys will be wearing.

The invites are almost done, and I’ve spent a ton of time on the phone/texting/IM-ing about flights, accommodations and all that stuff already!

I think it’s safe to say everything is going to fall together nicely! (at least I can hope, right?)

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