Jan 2, 2014

Paper Flowers as Ornaments {Amy}

So, I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but I’m making all the flowers for my wedding from paper. Partially to cut costs, but mostly because I find cut flowers to be incredibly depressing.

This year, when I set about doing my ornament exchange, I knew that a {slightly} modified version of the wedding roses was what I had to make!

I made a thick cardstock template from this site’s print out, and I traced out the petals on the back of papers taken from my big-ol-book of Christmas related scrapbook paper.

They’re actually pretty easy {trace, cut, curl, & glue}, but they definitely take a lot of time to do.

Then, to make them ornaments, I used my handy hole punch in the middle of one of the bottom leaves and threaded it through with black yarn.

I love the way they turned out, and might make myself a few more for my own tree next year {when I’m done with the ones for the wedding, of course}.

Tip: To keep the centers from settling too much while the hot-glue dries, set them on a drinking glass.

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