Jan 13, 2014

Random Things & A Pre-Apology {Amy}

One of the things I'm trying to be better about this year is getting things done in a decent amount of time. I tend to procrastinate... because, well, I somehow seem to enjoy doing things with no safety net.

I'm using my old friends {Excel & regular old lists} to try to keep me on track, but I won't lie: I have a TON of things to do. I write four blogs, I write novels under two pen names, I have an impending wedding, a home that doesn't clean itself, a dog that {deservedly} demands my attention - also Earl, and a normal full-time job on top of all that.

The things in the list above are why I forget to make phone calls {sorry!}. They're why I spend a lot of time staring at a blank page of paper when other people are talking about things that don't concern me. They're the reason I'm constantly taking notes on my phone or  in the notebook that's covered in crossed-out/highlighted items and guzzling down tea to keep me from passing out.

What I suppose I'm getting at is that I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep this up. I'm trying my hardest to post every day of the week - because I love working on this blog. It's fun... but if I get to a week where I don't have the time or the content... I'm probably going to disappear unannounced. And I'm sorry for that. I guess this post is just a quick note to let you know that might - possibly... happen.

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