Jan 28, 2014

Rug Life {Amy}

So we've got a rug. It was once a nice rug.... It was once a $10,000 rug (no we did not pay that much for it - one of the perks of the consignment industry)
Here it is back in our apartment from 3 years ago....
So we've been looking for a new one because it's probaby 20 years old, and we've come to ther realization my expensive tastes are not exclusive to Alcohol. YAY! - not -
This gorgeously patterned rug, is out of our price range and also not the right color.
So we think we know where we're getting the replacement this weekend, maybe.I think we're going to go for an all red rug. And the only thing that makes me not want to run for the hills at the idea is that I've seen our sofa with one.

1 comment:

  1. You didn't choose rug life, rug life chose you!

    That red rug is beautiful!