Jan 6, 2014

January's Love List: Give Me a Gray Winter {Amy}

I often find myself telling friends here in AZ that winter has lost all meaning to me. Growing up on the Oregon coast, winter became associated with a few things that you just don’t get much of in the middle of the desert.

To me, winter is gray. It’s bracing, salt-filled wind. Winter is the roar of a fire, competing with the chaotic drumming of the rain. It’s fuzzy socks and buckets of hot tea.

I don’t get winter anymore. And that makes me more depressed than you might guess.

So! January’s love list is all about winter… or about things that remind me of winter as I know it.

Fuzzy and adorable… perfect.

There’s something so lovely about this in a melancholy way.

Because what would be more perfect for drinking tea from?

And hey! Tea made from roses… very Oregon.

If ever there was a dress that looked like a cloud….

Because the author is amazing, and the title makes me smile.

Paisely, the color of the ocean… and it’s dainty.

I don’t know if these need an explanation… they’re lovely, and if I could wear this style of earring still, I’d buy myself a pair.

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