Oct 1, 2013

Design Problems: Musicians Without Space {Amy}

When we moved into a studio apartment, I knew there was going to be some space issues – even though we have a very BIG studio apartment. One of the things I didn’t really think about was the fact we’d wind up with more music equipment in this apartment than we had in the previous ones. 

 Moving in, we had a surplus of guitars. We gave two of them homes over the nightstands, and I think they’re lovely there. The other two… well, they’re hiding about in corners of the apartment and I’m still trying to find places for them. And then... we finally found the half-stack Earl used to use, and so he snatched that up as quick as you like.

But we have nowhere to put it! It doesn't constrict that walkway so much as to actually be an issue, but I'm not happy about it being there. So I'm on a mission to find another place for it. (Please note that we still haven't gotten around to putting the cooler away after the trip to Oregon)

And then there’s my keyboard….

I have had this keyboard forever. Okay, that’s not strictly true…. I had the keyboard from sometime in middle school through high school, then I moved to Arizona, and the keyboard ended up at my grandmother’s house for some reason. I only managed to work out getting it back down here this last trip up there in August. So now it’s here, but I don’t actually have a place for it. Right now it’s blocking a door and has no outlet, so it’s not like I can even use it.

I’m, going to try to figure out what to do with this lot this month… hopefully I find a solution!

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