Oct 15, 2013

Tea Storage & Display {Amy}

Anyone who knows me, knows I love tea. I drink it every day, even in the dead heat of summer. And along with my love of tea comes a love for teacups. Which is why I have a slowly building teacup collection.
Every time we move, the teacups have to find a new home. The previous two times, they ended up on top of the kitchen cabinets. It’s a place that is good for viewing… but inconvenient for use, and they get AWFULLY dusty up there.

This time around, I have a set of shelves just beyond the kitchen. and I decided they were perfect for storing my ever fluctuating supply of tea. The bottom three shelves are for our abundance of board games and puzzles at the moment.
Are you wondering what that grey box is?

It's kind of like an electrical tackle box, but it's PERFECT for keeping tea bags corralled! (And, if the house catches on fire, I could grab it and run! {Kidding - mostly} It has decluttered the shelf amazingly. It holds the equivalent of aproximately 17 boxes of tea! along with some bigger cubbies to hold my loose leaf Cranberry Sweets Cranberry Hibiscus, my loose leaf Orange Pekoe, some "zinger" samples, and my make-your-own tea bags.

I'll probably paint it soon. So that it doesn't look like a big grey brick on the shelf... or maybe I wont. I haven't quite decided yet!

I have my eye on a few teacups I saw recently at the Brass Armadillo, so I might have to find room on my shelves for a couple more…

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