Oct 10, 2013

Paper Flowers {Amy}

Over the course of the next six months, I'll be making TONS of paper flowers. This is because I've decided to do that for my wedding in lieu of real flowers. (And that's partially because I might be crazy, but mostly because I think cut flowers are tragically sad.)

If you go to pinterest and start looking for paper flowers. There are a lot of really awesome options.

This is the first one I tried were done  with the help of this video from Craft Gawker, and they turned out like this.

I printed out a template on card stock to trace from so I could make the flowers from a bunch of awesome scrap book paper, and I do think I'll need to print out another one, scaling down to make some smaller  ones, but I really like this particular variety - so long as we ignore my serious hatred of hot glue.

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