Oct 30, 2013

Fall = Bright Tights! {Amy}

I love fall for the simple fact of tights. Especially bright ones. I don't have a ton of tights myself.
See, only 7 (and I'll get around to why I include that black pair in a minute).
But I love tights. And living in the middle of a desert, there's no chance you'll catch me wearing hose in the summer, much less tights. So, when the temperature drops - which it blessedly has - I find myself jumping for joy over the prospect of tights.

I've got a pinterest board with some ideas, but I'm definitely going to need to build up my other items of clothing before I have a ton of stuff to flounce about in with my tights.
 And this, is why the one pair of black tights is included. Also - how very Halloween appropriate!

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