Oct 21, 2013

Starting a Path to a More Organized Life {Amy}

I am a chronic list maker. In fact, this post has a list of lists.... that's just the sort of person I am. At my left, I have a list of things to-do for the day, at my right I have a list of menu plans, and beneath that, I have a few notes on wedding items - in list format, of course.

But lists don't make you organized.

So! Over the next few months, I'm on a journey of organization. I've got to tackle things like:

My Upcoming Wedding (Eep!)
The Cleaning Schedule (I need to dust more!)
Finances (Did I mention I'm getting married...)
Pictures (I don't even want to think about the mess on my hard drive right now)
Writing (Both on the blog front and my novels)
Food (So I stop getting into the habit of making the same stuff all the time for dinners)
Work out schedule (Fell off that wagon and need to get right back on)
and of course, Christmas ( I have to coordinate gifts over 3 states!)

So, as of right now, I've got some notebooks from target to start with the organizing...

... aren't they pretty?

And I've got a few blog resources I'm going to be using.

Wedding: This illustration by Alicia's Infinity | Checklist Infographic from DIY Bride (modified)
Cleaning: Master List from Honey We're Home | This Guide for 8 Weeks to a less cluttered life | File Storage from Small Notebook |And Our Little Apartment for just about everything
Finances: A modified version of this printable from Frugal Fanatic | Mint.com
Pictures: Lil Blue Boo's Post from last year | This A Thousand Words post | Shutterfly | Blurb
Writing: Blog Brainstorming | Babble's 18 writing tips (even though I'm not a mommy blogger) | Staying organized while writing your novel | Excel - as always
Food: More Recipes from Practical Paleo | the amazing food from Emma at A Beautiful Mess
Workouts: Tone It Up (and their monthly calendar) | Blonde Ponytail's Home-Workouts
Christmas: .... I don't actually have a handle on this one yet!

Anyone else have any sites that could help me out?

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