Oct 11, 2013

Fall Cooking {Amy}

It never fails. Fall rolls around, with it's crisp mornings after the long and brutal summer, and all I want to do is cook and bake! So that's usually what happens on the weekends!

I light my kitchen Candle, Roll up my sleeves, and get right to it.

As soon as the temperature drops there's a heavy stockpot on my stove top and I'm brewing up spice tea.  It's amazing and might possibly be a miracle drink. I found myself getting tonsillitis every January up until I finally found this recipe again (it's a family favorite) and since then, not a trace of the dreadful condition all winter!

Earl and I are testing out a variety of spice blends, We've yet to have any definitive thoughts, but I'll definitely report back when we know what we like best!

One of my favorite breakfast options is granola. I make a variation of this one.  I love it. Keep it in a big zip-lock in the cupboard next to the all bran. And I'm almost more excited when it runs out! Because then my home gets to smell like some delicious spices and cooking cranberries!

I'm a huge fan of sugar cookie sandwiches. This last weekend's fare was pretty straight forward, I used orange royal icing as my center in honor of Halloween (the plate is also in honor of Halloween).

And then we have the bran muffins. I LOVE bran muffins. I don't remember when I first had them, but I know that I've been a HUGE fan ever since! Since I haven't made them in a while (when it's 120 out, you use the oven as little as possible!) I went with the plain recipe, but Apple cinnamon and strawberry versions are also fantastic. (Also, please note: I suddenly ran out of my  normal muffin liners, and thus, the snowflakes)

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