Oct 14, 2013

Mapping our Travels {Amy}

Last week, I talked about our road trip up to Oregon. Earl and I take A Lot of road trips. 

We’re approaching the five year mark, and so far we’ve:
  • Taken a Colorado Road Trip (AZ-NM-CO-UT-AZ). It was the trip we got stuck in a blizzard and woke up to a foot and a half of snow on my car (IN MARCH!)
  • Driven to Oregon via the California Coast
  • Meandered our way to San Diego via backroads (and got stopped by border patrol twice – once, they set the dogs to sniffing)
  • Made our way up to Oregon through the western half of Nevada, hitting Reno and Tahoe
  • We took a long route through Eastern Nevada in August and went to Portland for Allison’s wedding.
  • We’ve taken every possible route to Vegas, and the Laughlin/Lake Havasu Loop
  • And of course we’ve done a lot of in-state one day road trips. Days where we take off and don’t get home for 13 hours. (Unfortunately these don’t always start particularly early!

But no matter where we go, we always take our National Geographic Road Atlas and a highlighter, and we always mark off the roads we travel. 

It’s been a sort of undertaking, and we’ve definitely started to look for new and different ways to go. It’ helped us see a TON of the state we live in, and I think that’s great!

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