Jul 31, 2013

Allison's Bachelorette! {Allie & Amy}

Allie's Bachelorette Party happened at the beginning of this month, over the fourth of July weekend. I {Amy} kissed my fiance and my dog good bye and hopped on a plane midday on the fourth getting to Portland in the late afternoon. And then the weekend officially began.

Due to some traffic problems, the first evening was just three of us, Allie, Jeff and myself. We went to the Baowry in St. Johns for dinner and had a lovely bit of catching up. I hadn't seen Jeff in forever.

The Baowry was gorgeous with food that was beyond delicious - but we'll talk about that in another post.

Friday was when the actual festivities occured. We all went out for dinner and drinks and talked about all manner of inappropriate things. I think one of the oddest part of the evening was going to a public house with a bar cat.

The Saturday was a recovery day. We spent the morning watching girly movies, eating thai food and some healthier snacks and drinking delicious tea.

Saturday afternoon was a day at the beach - literally. We piled in a car and drove out to Kelly Point Park where Henry got in his fill of running around like a crazy dog, chasing his ball, and making friends with a much larger Newfoundland!

And then Sunday morning rolled around and it was time for us all to break apart. I had a flight to get to, and the others had places to be as well. We made a brief and delicious stop at Gravy, and then it was all over... until the wedding!

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