Jul 3, 2013

Allison's Hometown Bridal Shower {Allie & Amy}

We’re super excited for a list of fun events this summer. Allison’s getting married!

After years spent eyeing each other from opposite sides of the Eastern Oregon Chamber Choir risers and accidentally stealing each other's identical backpacks, Allison and Jeff stumbled into each other as cast members in Eastern's 2008 production of She Stoops to Conquer (directed by their dog and cocktail-loving officiant, Ken Bush). They spent their final two years at EOU together before moving to Portland in 2010, where they enjoy coffee, $4 movie theaters, and dog parks around every street corner.
As a married couple, they hope to keep the whimsy alive, with their corgi and cat, episodes of Dr. Who and explore the great outdoors.

As with all weddings, fun things are a foot: two bridal showers, a bachelorette weekend and a fun filled wedding weekend are all on the docket.

The first bridal shower took place in our hometown at the end of last month.

Whitney, the Maid of Honor, really out did herself. There was scrumptious food and lovely decor that reminded us exactly why we were there without taking over the house. Her mother Kathy, made the bouquets from a sampling of flowers that will be at the wedding! {Kathy is doing the floral arrangements for the wedding - what an amazing gardener she is!}

This event was a wonderful reminder of how many amazing great friends and family are.  The love, energy, and beautiful personalities of these ladies filled the day with joy and reminds you how lucky you are to know them. Even though years, miles and life comes between people sometimes, these little moments keep you close and make you say "This is why I love you guys!".

{Allison thanks each one of for being at the shower and again, feels so lucky to have you all in her life!}

{Much Love}

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