Jul 17, 2013

Style 1x3: Tea Party! {Allie, Natalie, & Amy}


I love tea. Simple as that. But I'm a solo tea drinker most of the time. I find it relaxing and inspiring, and love grabbing a cup to accompany me while I ponder life, write in my journal or cozy up to watch a movie. Tea is my favorite companion for those things. But, when I get the chance to mix tea with some of my favorite people, at a party, what a lovely time that is going to be.

Each of these pieces has a story. I love that about old clothes and hand-me-down items. My cup and necklace are from my Grandmother - my shoes and bracelet are vintage shop finds in Portland - my dress a thrift store steal! This combo makes me nostalgic for tea time with friends!
{I believe I am ready for a tea party}

Dress: Thrift store in Hood River, OR | Shoes: Vintage heels | Bracelet: Vintage find @ Sabi & Friends Vintage in St. Johns - Portland | Necklace: An heirloom from my Grandmother


Pretty dresses, best friends, and a great cup of tea. These are a few of my favorite things, and they all get combined when it’s time for a Tea Party!

Bows are one of my favorite accessories, and you’ll see plenty of bow details in my chosen outfit. This dress has always reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, which made it my go-to choice for Tea Party attire. My “Just Brew It” teapot necklace was a piece I saw and had to have, not only for myself but also for Amy, because of our mutual love of all things tea. I finished off the outfit with my “Girly Girl” gloves and bow flats, just to keep everything ladylike and whimsical.

I also included one of my teacups from my growing teacup collection. This cup is special to me since it is from Amy, and it worked very nicely with this outfit because it’s lovely teal color tied in beautifully with my pale blue dress and green necklace.
Dress: Victoria’s Secret | Shoes: Soda via Zappos.com | Necklace and Gloves: Modcloth | Teacup: Loveramics A Gift via Amy

The setting for my pictures just felt right - since I spend most or the time at the tea parties I throw running in and out of my kitchen! (also, it's been way too hot to do much outside now.)

Anyone who knows me knows of my unending love affair with tea. It can be 112 outside (It often is here in the summer) and I'll still start my day with a cup of tea, or five. And back before my tea friends moved away (One further than the other) I'd have tea parties approximately twice a year.

There's just something lovely about dressing up in a pretty dress and getting together with your girlfriends for a spot of tea, some delicious food and wonderful conversation. This dress is one of my new favorites and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing it again. I especially love that it has pockets! The necklace and shoes were both gifts, the former from Natalie, and the latter from Earl's mom. They're both such sweethearts!

Please note that Zombies will always make thier way into every aspect of my life... even tea parties.
This tea cup is my favorite. I found it in an antique store in Winchester Bay, OR in early 2005 and snatched it up for a paltry $4 and have loved it ever since! Right now, it is 224 years old. Made in 1789! 
Dress: Emily and Fin via Modcloth | Shoes: Rocket Dog via Macy's | Bracelet: Spiffing Jewelery | Necklace: A Gift from Natalie via Modcloth

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  1. Can't wait for the next style posting, and I really can't wait to meet you, Allison. Amy, I love you!