Jul 4, 2013

Magpie DIY: Word Search Mugs {Amy}

I am a creature of words. My “Birthday-Freak-Out” moment of 2013 was when my mother bought me a dictionary from the 1970s. As a writer, I just love words.

Beyond my love of words is the fact I’m a big believer that gifts should be 50% you, and  50% the person you’re giving them to.

For Allie’s Bridal Shower, I knew I wanted to make her gifts. I love doing handmade items as gifts, they’re just that much more fun when you can say you made it. The 50% me was the words, the 50% her and Jeff was COFFEE!!!

So I decided to paint a pair of mugs with a word search pattern.

I picked up a pair of plain white mugs at Target. I looked for mugs that were large (I like big cups of tea, and I figure other people like big cups of coffee), and pretty simple, after all, I was going to be painting them, and I didn’t want bumps or ridges to get in the way. I also picked up two bottles of Martha Stewart Multi surface paint* at Michaels. I knew I wanted to do most of the lettering in black, but I also wanted to have an accent color and for some reason this blue just felt right. Then I made up the custom word search in excel. (It’s super simple, just three words, but I think it’s perfect.)

Then I hand lettered them and let them sit to dry.

I included a book of word searches too just as an extra bonus.  If it ends up in their bathroom, so be it!

*This paint is not what I would suggest you use unless you’re a planner. On glass or ceramic it has a 21 day curing time. I made these mugs with practically no time to spare…. meaning 22 days ahead of time!

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