Jul 9, 2013

Organize: Home Office {Allie}

My office area, which is currently just a desk and a file cabinet, has seen better days. None of us are strangers to the "pile curse" that eats away at our desk space inch by inch until we can't see our desk anymore. These things happen when our lives get busy and other areas of the house take priority. I was going through one of these busy spells but decided it was time to break the curse and put an end to working with only a few inches of clear desk space and exploding file bins.

These are the steps that I recommend for tackling this curse:
1. Go through ALL paper goods that have accumulated in drawers, shelves, piles, nooks and crannies etc.
2. Have boxes/bins that you designate "Keep", "Recycle", "Go Through", "Bathroom" (I leave hair ties laying around.....) "Trash etc." with in arms reach as you are organizing. It helps to keep you on track and organized as you go and makes it easier once you start putting things away.
3. After you have sorted through the piles, I go through the keep pile and sort this into categories like "file", "scrap paper", "Important/needs attention", "Mail", etc. (Whatever works for you!)
4. Next, go through odds and ends and all other office supplies that have slowly taken up residence on or in your office space. I check all pens and pencils to make sure they still work - nothing is worse than grabbing 5 pens in a row that are dead - and organize loose items into repurposed containers that help things clean and easy to find in the future. (thumb tacks, paper clips, batteries, electronic cords just to name a few.)
5. Now, dust and wipe down all surfaces and the insides of draws and shelves. You have the clear and empty surfaces, take advantage!!
5. Once I have all my "good piles" and clean surfaces and drawers, I start putting things away in a system that works for me. Items you use frequently should be easily accessible in upper drawers or files and less frequented items can be housed in the deeper storage areas of your office. Perhaps label the drawers/shelves etc. to help you find items and help you keep things organized in the future.
After all is said and done, my organized office space makes me {smile}....a lot!! It makes me wonder why I waited so long to tackle it, but I am so glad I did! A clean and organized workspace really takes a weight off your shoulders, allowing you to work and create more freely. Enjoy your fresh and now "curse free" office space!

{Extra Tips}
- To cut down on clutter reaching your home office, have a "touch-down station" at the entry of your home. The station should include bins (in any style, shape, or size) that are for "recycle", "mail", "trash", "to put away", and anything else that is necessary, that you immediately put anything you have brought into your home into.
- Every evening do a quick sweep of the office with a laundry basket or small tub and collect anything that doesn't belong. These items can then be put away in their proper places. Doing a little each day will help avoid long weekend cleaning sessions!
- Add art and little touches like an heirloom blanket to your office to make it more inspiring to you. Avoid letting it become to dull or mundane!


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