Jul 30, 2013

Design Inspiration {Allie}

Inspiration for design can come from anywhere. This month, I wanted to embrace the classic summer dream for interior design inspiration.

This photo of the perfect beach has warmth, texture and jewel tones that evoke a casual care free atmosphere.

These interiors evoke that same easy breezy fun that I feel at a beach. The warm tones, patterns and pops of color in these spaces feel like summer fun without screaming "kitschy beach".

Mixing color and pattern is a great way to bring visual interest into a space. If you use a neutral base in the more permanent elements like the flooring, counters, natural rugs etc., you can then bring color and pattern into your space with paint, curtains, accent rugs, pillows and ares like a focal tile wall or backsplash (like the turquoise geometric above). 

This summer beach inspiration mixes texture and patterns that evoke warmth and breezy fun. If we used only one of these patterns, the style and energy of the space would be bland and too static. Always find a common color thread within your mixed patterns so that they feel cohesive. I have mixed organic patterns in with the strong geometric patterns, which helps bring softness and a more relaxed energy to the overall look. If you use only geometric patterns, the hard lines would take on a coldness that our beach inspiration doesn't have.

Lastly, look for things that speak to you. If you find one piece you love, use that as your inspiration and build your space around it. My beach inspiration photo had beautiful colors and textures that inspired my ff&e (furniture, fixtures, & equipment in Interior Designer Lingo) and most importantly, would make me think about the beach in the summer time every I was in this space.

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