Jul 23, 2013

Small Space Creativity: Gallery Walls {Amy}

When I moved down town three years ago, I knew I would be downsizing. {A LOT.}

But one of the things I didn't want to part with was any of my small art collection. So, I realized that I needed to maximise how much art I put on a wall in order to still be able to display it. Thus, the galery walls were born.

When I say we own a lot of art, I'm not kidding. between the things Earl and I have painted, the photographs I've taken and the airt we've purchased from people we know and artists we love, we've got more than an 800sqft apartment really should be required to deal with

So, we started looking for ways to get them up on the wall, but that kept them from looking TOO cluttered.
I think we did pretty well.
(These walls are opposite eahchother)

These are just two walls in the space, we had art all over that apartment.

This is how we dealt with an enormous art collection (for the space), have you had the same problem?

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  1. I've always loved pictures of your art montages (and seeing it in real life!). I've always been extremely lazy about putting up decorations. I finally started doing it, but if I'm going to do it, it's going to be random. I like our picture walls in our house, but they usually aren't placed with much thought. They're mostly up to warm up the place with pictures of people and things that we love.