Jul 5, 2013

Two Kinds of Cocktails {Amy & Allie}

This weekend is all about Allie’s bachelorette party… but we’ll get to talking about that later.
Today we’re giving you two cocktail recipes in honor of the event!

Strawberry Kiwi Margaritas

Living in a place ths close to the border, Mexican food is king, and I'm always okay with that because Margaritas are just so refreshing!

1oz tequila (or more if you’re feeling adventurous)
2 Strawberries
1/2 Kiwi fruit
Margarita mix of your choice*

How to:

Puree (seperately) your strawberries and Kiwi. Layer them in a glass, or, if you're like me, grab a jar! Add your tequila and margarita mix. If you are using a jar, shake! If you're using a glass, stir thoroughly. Serve with a garnish of a strawberry and a kiwi slice!

The texture of the pureed fruit gives it a similar feel to a blended margarita!

* I use a limeade that is super simple. 1 part fresh lime juice, 1 part sugar, and 6 parts water stirred up!

Watermelon Bramble: Gin Cocktail

It has been hot here in Portland for us "oregonians". The upper 90's has created a desire to find cold summer dishes and drinks to enjoy while we suffer!
This summer cocktail is amazingly flavorful and so easy. If you enjoy watermelon, basil and gin, this drink is a sure winner!!


1 shot of gin. (or more depending on your mood)
1/2 a lime squeezed
4 cut chunks or watermelon
2 chopped basil leaves
3-5 ice cubes
honey or simple syrup to taste

How to:
Cut up your watermelon -left over slices are great to use- into square chunks. Place them in a jar or blender. Then add your lime juice, basil, gin and honey/simple syrup to the mix. If you are using a jar, mash the ingredients together by hand, add ice cubes, shake, and serve. If using the blender, add the ice cubes, blend and serve! A great summer refreshing treat!

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  1. See, now I really want to try these! But I am particularly interested in the Strawberry Kiwi Margarita. Yummers!