Jul 10, 2013

Animal Archives: Introducing... Lucy & Henry {Amy & Allie}

Lucy is not the name I would have chosen. Perhaps that’s why I don’t call her that very often. She is my Lubella, Musa, Footprint, Snuffleface, Snoochie, Burrito Dog, and occasionally Lady Lu Supreme Snarfflegast and Protector of the Food Bowl.
Lu is a mutt, though all her paperwork and her vets tell me she’s a Shih-Tzu/lhasa Apso mix, so that’s what she is to me. Picked up of the mean streets of Seoul South Korea, she spent the first several months of her life at an Air Force base Veterinary office, and her name was Cookie.  Three owners (who don’t understand that a puppy can’t regulate her bladder) and a name change later, and she was Lucy. A friend who’s husband was stationed there adopted her and when they were reassigned, Lu got the longest – and probably only – plane ride of her life.
We even have the customs paperwork to prove she only has one head. It’s written half in English and half in Korean. But when said friend had her son, she found out he was allergic to dogs and had to find new homes for a then four year old Lu, and a black lab puppy. And that is How Lu came to live with us, and we wouldn’t trade her for the world.


Henry Gilbert VanBassett is a corgi. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi to be precise. His ancestors lived in Wales and helped the farmers out by herding cattle. Henry definitely has the personality and brains to take on a job like that and we find it just delightful.
Henry was named after our Grandfathers; Jeff's late Grandfather Henry (Hank) Potts and my Grandfather Gilbert (Sandy) Braulick. Henry, like Lucy has many other names too; Henry, Hen, Corn Beef, Beef, Boo, Fluffy Butt, Fluffers, Little Demon, Angel, and so on.......and we use them depending on his corgi mood. Corgis are funny creatures. They are very vocal and loyal but are not big cuddlers. Henry will grumble if you disturb his slumber and often will get up and move somewhere else to sleep in peace. He is a determined and happy boy the rest of the time though, hiking, play time on the beach, a new antler chewer, and little pieces of veggie are among his favorite things in life. His other goals is to always know what is going on at all times, procure food by doing tricks without being asked, hoping someone will be swept away by his amazing skills and throw him a piece, and sleep in as many positions as possible. Henry is the best. I wouldn't trade him for anything. His little fluffy butt, perky ears and neurotic personality are simply perfect.

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