Jul 16, 2013

No Cost Redesign: Storage that Says Something! {Amy}

We have a lot of movies, guys. I would be willing to call the amount "ridiculous" but the male half of my household seems to think the sheer number in our collection is not at all something to be worried about.

And to house them we've enlisted the help of som standard IKEA shelving systems with doors. By themselves, they're kind of blah.

See what I mean?
I've been thinking about what to do with them for a LONG time. A lot of people with the morebo doors use fabric to change up from the plain black or white option, but I didn't want to put that much $$$ into it. So for this no cost redesign, I raided my desk drawer and found a handy dandy silver sharpie. And I raided the movies themselves for quotes... then I got to writing.

I chose to do the silver sharpie on the black side of the backer, but you could totally go to town with colorful markers on the other side... I might just do that when I get tired of this!

I think the thing I love about it, is that it reminds me so much of a year book, or a graffiti wall.I think, when people who come to visit, I'll get them to write their favorite movie quote too. I'll hand them a sharpie and say "Pick a space!"

And it cost me nothing but my time.

Tip: If you do this, Super simple way to fix any mistakes is with a quick swipe of a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball!

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