Jul 15, 2013

Color Twist: Mint/Coral {Amy & Allie}


Mint has quickly become one of my favorite colors. But I've realized lately there is nowhere near enough of it in my life. Here's a little ode to my mint-love.
(The three pieces in the middle are mine!)
I checked. I have one dress, and one shirt that are "mint" and they're two different shades, and then this lovely little pitcher and saucer that I have no idea where I found. I love them all, but I definitely need to find more ways to infuse the color into my life.

~Color Twist~

~Color Twist~


Coral is my summer color crush this year. I think it is beautiful, warm, vibrant and makes you feel girly without over doing it. I want to bring it into my life year round, so here are a few "coral" inspirations!
{Did I mention it is one of my wedding colors??}

Do you love mint and coral as much as we do? Have any pieces in either color you simply cannot live without?

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