Aug 5, 2013

5 Travel Tips {Amy}

In a scant few weeks, Earl and I will be packing up and heading up to Oregon for Allison’s wedding! I’m both super excited about it and, at the same time, mildly stressed because that’s just what I do.

So, in honor of the impending trip I thought I’d impart some of my travel tips on you.

1.  Make LOTS of  lists.
 I make lists for EVERYTHING before a trip, it helps me to make sure I’m taking everything I need to, and it also helps me know I’m taking everything home with me too.

2. Know what to expect before the trip starts.
Have a game plan. If you’re flying, check the TSA website so you don’t get held up by having the wrong thing in your carry-ons. If you’re driving, make sure you check the routes so you don’t run into construction you could have avoided.

3. Pack your bags hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.
 When I say this, I don’t mean that you should toss your parka in when heading to Phoenix in July. Icenado is a fantasy made up by the Syfy channel. But it’s always smart to have at least one extra change of clothes. This doesn’t apply to things that can be quickly, easily, and inexpensively purchased wherever you’re going.

4. Stage your gear.
When you’re planning ahead, always do your best to keep what you’re taking in one place. Set aside some space and start getting ready. When it comes time to leave 80% of your stuff is ready to be picked up and taken straight to the car.

5. Do NOT wait till the last minute.
It will make your life so much harder, and your trip a lot less enjoyable.

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