Aug 7, 2013

Allison's Bridesmaids Part 1 {Allie}

Maid of Honor - Whitney and Allison have known each other since they were born. They grew up together in Coos Bay and even ended up going to the same college. Whitney is Allison's "big sister" for sure (even though she only has 9 months on her) and there is no way Allison would not have Whitney up there with her on her big day!
Outfit: David's Bridal Dress in Yellow - Shoes: Flower Print Wedge in Choral

Bridesmaid - Amy and Allison (two people you know well already) found each other in the small town of Coos Bay as well. They were inseparable nerds that complimented each other in all the best ways. Though Amy went to Arizona after high school, she made sure that they stayed in touch (since at times, this is not Allison's strength) and there is not a day that goes by that Allison isn't glad she did! Amy is a piece of this bridesmaid puzzle that is beautiful and unique, and Allison is so excited she is making the trip to be at her big day!

Outfit: Dress Coral from ShopRuche  - Shoes: Anja Wedge (Shoedazzle)  

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