Aug 21, 2013

La Grande Bridal Shower {Allie}

The La Grande Bridal Shower was so lovely. My friends and family really outdid themselves, from the amazing food to the pictures of Jeff and I on each table as take-aways, each and every detail was amazing.

The food was particularly memorable. A Blueberry tart brought by Tonia was gorgeous and the chocolate raspberry mini tarts were to die for, as was the home-made granola that Renee labored to create. Of course I go straight to the sweets that were there, but the veggie and fruit skewers and various salads were also scrumptious, and as Lanetta put it "I have never had so much amazing food in one place before". This was too true.

These ladies are what made this day as special as it was and I want to say thank you to each one of them for being there for me on this special day! There is no better way to spend an afternoon than to be outside in the gorgeous weather, have amazing food and chat with great friends! I'm a lucky girl!

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