Aug 6, 2013

Dresser Redesign {Allie}

I recently moved and felt it was time to give my tired - but well made - dresser a much needed redesign.

The bones of this dresser are great; it is made of beautiful solid wood and has nice lines. It just needs a little help in shedding that yellow wood stain and "love bumps, scratches and stains".

First things first, find some inspiration!

These are the three options I am considering after much searching on pinterest.
1. Is rustic and has old world charm. I love using the wood's natural look with various stains. Lovely.
2. Clean lined, simple and straight forward. I love the blues. My dresser will look more "mod" or "classic" depending on what drawer pulls I select.
3. A "shades of grey" look, which would always go with my desire to change up the bedroom now and then.

Here are the colors of paint I would use from my favorite paint store {YOLO Colorhouse}

These blues are soothing and absolutely beautiful! I am a big fan of blue and can imagine this become a focal point in my bedroom.

Brown-grey is a lovely rich neutral that would support any bedspread or room paint color I chose at any point. I am in love with these colors in YOLO's nourish family (with a dash of air).

Look for the finished product soon!! And while you wait, which one is your favorite?

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