Aug 12, 2013

Packing for a Long Road Trip {Amy}

I pack early. Honestly, if I have an impending trip I’ll start making lists a month before, and I’ll start packing at least two weeks before the trip. (Sometimes a lot earlier than that).
This trip is 11 days total and I’ll show you what I packed for the first 9 days (days 10 & 11 are “on the road” days and so I’ll just make something out of what I’ve worn so far on the trip)

1. Days 1 & 2: Travel/Portland with Friends.
Travel days get the standard t-shirt and jeans. We’ll be covering all of the distance through Nevada and most of the way through Idaho on this day, so I’m focused on comfort more than anything.
(T-shirt-Element | Jeans-Aeropostal)
We’ll be getting into Portland about mid day on day 2 so I opted for another pair of Jeans and a loose gray striped tank with my favorite short sleeved cardi ( I call it that for lack of knowing what else to call it.) I’ll be running about town after 5-8 hours in a car – we still haven’t decided the exact route we’re going to take – and so I’ll want to be comfy!
(Jeans-Gap | Tank-Target | Cardi-Charlotte Russe)
2. Days 3 & 4: Portland by ourselves/Hiking St. Helens
You’ll notice I wear a lot of V-necks. (Crew necks always have me feeling like I’m choking.) So for tuling about town, going to the gardens and just bouncing about in general, I’m going with a bright blue – sadly, it’s SUPER thin, but that just means I get to wear one of my fun cami’s under it!
(Shirt-Macy’s | Cami-Costco)
Another V Neck! We’re going to be heading north into Washington to go up and do all the things St. Helens. I haven’t been to the observation center since Middle School, and Earl’s never been. So I’m dressing for a potential hike – if we decide to. I love this tee – it’s got a bully in a bowler, how couldn’t I? Then we’ve got dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, so I’ve got my favorite Tunic to change into as well.
(Shirt-Element | Cami-Costco | Tunic-Converse)
3. Shoes!
I’m taking 4 pairs of shoes. It may seem like a lot, but the wedges are for the wedding, so they’re only going to be worn on day 9!
(Sneakers-Sketchers | Black Flats-Payless | Wedges- Shoedazzle | Brown Flats- JCPenney’s)

 4. Day 5: Portland by Ourselves

Once again we’re in Portland by ourselves, but the day is packed. I’ve opted for a fun printed tank and a pair of jeans, I’ll have my Charlotte Russe cami along as well just in case I need it.
(Tank – Forever 21)
5. Days 6: Hiking Multnomah & Dinner with friends.
We’re hiking up a waterfall! I’m super excited for this day because a) I love waterfalls, b) I love hiking, c) we’re taking a picnic lunch! I went with my plain purple v-neck for this particular trip choice. Since it’s hiking! And for the evening, when we meet up with friends for dinner, I’m wearing my new – my beloved heart pattern dress with my CR Cardi, just in case I need it.
(Shirt & Dress – Target)
6. Days 7 & 8 Rehersal shenanigans/Girl’s day
Heading off for wedding festivities, and I’ve decided I’m going to be a little fancy for the entire weekend, so I’ve got a fun kimono-style jersey dress (with a cami to keep the cleavage at bay) for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner.
(Dress – Target)
The day before the wedding we’re doing a girl’s day, Manicures, picking flowers, lunch and undoubtedly loads of chattering at each other. I’m pulling out an old, and much forgotten, sundress. I love it, but I don’t find time to wear is – shame on me. And I know you can’t see it well, but there’s a white V-Neck in the picture too!
(Dress – Aeropostal|Shirt-Target)
7. Day 9: The Wedding!
I love this coral dress and I can’t wait to wear it up there as Allison says I do!

 Lu is not ever happy about packing. And that is what I’m wearing as we head to Vegas for a free night out before the long trip.

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