Aug 13, 2013

Small Space Design: Setting up a Tiny Kitchen

My kitchen only feels small when I'm in it. That's a bit of a dilemma in my opinion.
It's a square space set apart from the rest of the apartment (which is fine) and though it has some nice floor space, it has next to nothing in the way of counter space.

Small kitchens are the bane of apartment dwelling. I have not had a big kitchen to work with since I moved out of my parent's house those many years ago. The current kitchen is no exception to the rule.

When we first moved in this is what we did with the space.
It has a conveinent wall of shelves we made quick use of, and the area that's supposed to have a dining table in it now houses our second couch, but while it was functional, it didn't work as well as I wanted it to.

Things I love and kept about the set-up: the cook books in the end table, tucked cleanly out of the way; the basket and jar system on the shelf.

Problems easily visible in these pictures: Small appliances cluttering up the top of the fridge & a counter top that is too cluttered to be useful.

Luckily, the quick application of $100 and a trip to IKEA solved both those problems. 

This cart (which I'll soon be painting and posting) did some wonderful things.

a) It gave us more counter space! I cannot tell you how much an added six square feet of extra counter will change your life. And the two drawers in it meant I could get rid of the utensil "bucket" on the counter, rearranging things around so there's actual space again!
b) It gave us a place to store pots and pans and the crock pot that didn't require me ducking in under the corner cabinet to dig out the needed supplies. (I honestly end up almost entirely inside the cabinet)
c) it cleared up that corner cabinet for the small appliances on the top of the fridge.
d) clearing out those appliances let me hang my much loved Cafe Martin poster and gave us a perfect place to put the drying rack (which is what I use to store my pan lids)

It really has been amazing what the right addition of furniture has done for the space!

(I'll be talking more about the cart later.)

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