Aug 20, 2013

Inspiration Ladder {Amy}

 Above my desk, on the wall, there are two pieces of pine board screwed into the wall. They're the remnants of an  old shelving unit we had for a different apartment. From the screws in the boards, I have three lines of yarn  that stretch from side to side where, with the use of binder clips, paper clips, and owl clips, I hang things to inspire me when I write.

Everything on the board at the moment is inspiration for my Space Western series.
They're old family photos, photos I've taken around the state/in Utah and Idaho, and one mock cover of a book later in the series.
Also, a Wampa.

The reason I love my inspiration ladder as much as I do, is that it's a wall of things that get me back into the mindset of the world I've created. It's great for me as a writer, but it's equally useful for most any hobby, career, or interest.

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