Aug 8, 2013

By Hand: Gel Medium {Amy}

Recently I've fallen in love with gel medium. I had a long conversation with the girl at the art store and walked away with a little white tub of amazingness.

 Gel medium is a lot of fun.

What I use it for (mostly) is applying water colors to a canvas that I've already painted with oils.

Today's model is Fletcher (my mom's dog.)

Here you see the cut out water color of Fletcher, the oil painted canvas, the medium and my brush.

 All I did was apply a coat over the entirety of the oil canvas, then press Fletcher down firmly, and apply a second coat (for consistence of finish)
It looks kinda goopy when it's wet, but it dries completely clear!

(Since it's still wet at the moment, this is what my Lu's version looks like all dried and set)

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