Aug 9, 2013

Short Leash: Sit... Stay. {Amy}

There's an awesome hot dog shop that opened up just down the street from my place on the 23rd of July. The owners have been around for a while, but they operated out of their food trucks (see above) and it is no surprise at all that they've moved to a brick and mortar store.

At the Sit... Stay, you can enjoy both their dogs, and a slice of pie from Mamma Toledo's Pie Hole. (We were too stuffed to stop in this time, but we're definitely saving room next time!)

Their menu is adorable, and their corndog bites were scrumptious! (Mustard didn't make it into the picture, but it was there). The bites are a mix and match of the different dogs they offer, so you never know what you might end up with!

I had this scrumptious Devil ^ The Moki. All Beef hot dog with roasted green chilis tomatos, pinto beans, cheese and a touch of mayo on Naan bread. It was mahvelous!

And Earl had the Mac Daddy ^
Beef and been chili, mac n' cheese on naan. I didn't try it, but he assures me it was fantastic!

If you're ever in the downtown Phoenix area, check this place out!

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