Aug 2, 2013

Summertime Sangria! {Amy}

It gets HOT here in phoenix. And I know, that seems like a DUH statement, but it's true. And especially right now when we're in the monsoon season (yes, we do get rain in the same months its over 112) the hotter it gets the more oppressive it feels.

One of the ways I combat that is by making lots of sangria. There is something just so lovely and refreshing about it! And mine is Super simple to boot!

Red Wine of your choosing (I always go for the sweeter wines, myself)
Fruit of your choice ( Lately I've been doing white peaches, apples, cherries and blueberries)
Lemon Lime Soda

{How To}
That's it. You just cut up your fruit, toss it in a pitcher with a bottle of your favorite (or a cheapy) red wine, fill the rest of the pitcher with soda and you're good to go! Super Simple!

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